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The Hartman Company has developed and supports the following three advanced network-based zone control enhancements:
  1. Network based zone self-diagnostics
  2. Integrated control of occupancy and lighting
  3. Automatic self-balancing

Network based zone self-diagnostics. This technology automatically provides simple but effective operational checks of all terminal components. The network transmits an indication of potential problems into organized reports. In modern facilities, the overwhelming majority of HVAC malfunctions occur at the zone level. A series of algorithms is embedded in each zone controller to continuously check the operation of components. These self-diagnostic test results for each zone controller can be employed in morning reports to direct proactive maintenance activities or as an aid to troubleshooting zone complaints.

Integrated occupancy sensing and lighting control. Occupancy sensing and lighting control are generally not integrated into Direct Digital Control (DDC) zone controls. When included as DDC zone features using this technology, enormous synergies can be achieved. Substantial improvements in comfort and energy efficiency are realized. Additionally, maintenance requirements are simplified and operation becomes flexible, with foolproof "fail-safes." This technology incorporates innovative occupancy based HVAC and lighting control configurations that offer significant energy and cooling load reduction as well as a new and successful method of improving comfort in zones that serve multiple offices.

Automatic Self-balancing. This important new technology results in initial cost savings by replacing expensive manual balancing procedures. Additionally, operating costs are reduced by improving the efficiency of system operation. This patented technology demonstrates THC's ongoing development of zone focused DDC control technologies. Employing the network and specially constructed algorithms at each zone controller, this technology automates the laborious (and often ineffective) process of manually balancing VAV air systems.

The technology also automatically balances the system as zone loads change. Zones experiencing peak conditions increase their zone maximum airflow limits. Zones operating within certain parameters during high system airflow demand reduce their airflow limits. In addition to the initial cost savings, tenants continue to experience the maximum level of comfort as building use patterns change.

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