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Executive Summary

(This is a summary of our technological pursuits. Please see the rest of our web site for a more detailed overview of our innovative products & services.)

Cost Savings
Comfort conditioning from a system utilizing Hartman technologies costs less than traditional alternatives. These savings are achieved through the innovative use of new technologies which provide the highest system efficiencies ever engineered into a system. The Direct Digital Control (DDC) network is not an afterthought in Hartman systems, but an integral part of the design.

Chiller Plant Efficiency
A typical high-efficiency chilled water plant will produce and distribute chilled water at an average energy cost of about 0.90KW/ton. A plant utilizing Hartman technologies can expect to make chilled water for half that, or approaching 0.40KW/ton. Twenty five years of R&D in the HVAC industry has allowed THC to develop advanced, network-based chilled water generation and distribution strategies. Our designs focus on improving the effectiveness of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to allow chillers, pumps and cooling tower fans to operate most efficiently. By eliminating the primary-secondary separation, and by applying other innovative piping and operating strategies, pump heads are kept to a minimum.

Networked Comfort Controls
If machinery is the muscle and bones, the network is certainly the nerves. A well utilized network is often overlooked because it is a new concept to mainstream HVAC. THC systems ensure minimum chiller load is employed to maintain the correct air temperature out of the air handlers. By controlling comfort and not chilled water temperature, a Hartman system can operate economically even through periods of high utility demand rates.

Extended Networks
Extending the network into the occupied spaces is another important way to minimize energy costs. Occupancy and temperature sensors in each office, connected to the network, in essence tie the central plant to each occupant. As occupancy changes, the central plant adjusts immediately to the changing load. When unoccupied, lights are dimmed and cooling is decreased to standby setpoints. Higher first costs of a network-based solution are more than offset by lower operating costs.

New Sources of Revenue
Network solutions also afford the opportunity to develop new sources of revenue. Real-time pricing and individual comfort controlled through the network are largely untapped revenue opportunities. Consider a period of high utility demand. The network has ordered the lighting to dim and temperature setpoints to raise. Neither is immediately perceptible to most tenants and substantial savings result. Because the tenant is empowered with local control, he or she remains comfortable after a noon jog, or even after a meeting with the boss.

Individual Comfort Innovations
THC technologies take individual comfort to the next level. We have developed a comfort module we call the Uniterm™. This replaces everything from a VAV box to the diffuser and its 2'x2' ceiling panel, but does so much more. The Uniterm™ connects to the main air supply and is a reheater, occupancy sensor, radiant temperature sensor and more. Uniterms will replace current HVAC terminal boxes to give real individual comfort for the same cost.

Community Involvement
THC is very active in the engineering community. We are represented on several ASHRAE committees, and join the industry in the important move towards standardization. With recent changes in CFC and energy deregulation, this is truly an exciting time to introduce new services in our industry.

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