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Taipei Financial Center

As one of the world's tallest and largest buildings, the Taipei Financial Center represents an enormous challenge to the task of implementing advanced building management systems effectively and economically. To meet this challenge, Hartman and our design team partners are employing a new and exciting approach to the procurement process for the building management system and other advanced technology systems.

Instead of employing the common practice of separating the specifications into hardware and controls elements, much of the equipment specified will contain both hardware and functional (control) requirements, and also the interface requirements. The responsibility for proper operation and interface of each component will remain at all times with the equipment manufacturer. The equipment manufacturer will directly purchase, install, test, and balance the controls for each piece of equipment before it is shipped to the site. Hartman will oversee this process

The result is a reduction in the costly process of field installation and setup of components from various manufacturers, and the problems associated with multiple points of responsibility for each piece of equipment. At the Taipei Financial Center this means a truly high performance building with a low annual energy costs due to networked TRAV control of the air systems, an ulta-efficient chilled water pumping and distribution system, and integrated HVAC and lighting controls; all while maintaining the construction costs within budget.

Taipei Financial Center

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