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Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson, P.E., Senior Engineer

Ron Anderson has over 20 year's experience in the design, calibration and installation of HVAC controls. He began working with computer controlled Energy Management and Control Systems in 1977 as designer and field engineer for the national award-winning Oregon State University (OSU) system. The OSU system controls 70 academic buildings and dormitories.

As a senior engineer of The Hartman Company, Mr. Anderson continues as a specialist in the design and implementation of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Systems. He uses the Dynamic Control concept, incorporating this new technology into the software of computer based DDC Systems. The 1987 Oregon Department of Energy award-winning system at Chemeketa Community College was designed and programmed by Mr. Anderson.

Skilled in the programming language of virtually all major systems, Mr. Anderson has worked "hands on" with most major manufacturers of DDC equipment. Mr. Anderson is most actively involved in the firm's networking issues and works with interconnection issues that include communication gateways and protocols. In 1995, Mr. Anderson was invited to join the ASHRAE SSPC 135 Committee that is supporting the ASHRAE BACnet standard DDC protocol.

In addition to his demanding work schedule, Mr. Anderson has authored several published articles on controls. Related articles published in Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning include: "Controls of the Future" - November 1988, "Designs for the Next Century" - December 1989 and January 1990 issues, and "Gems to Look For in EMCS" - November 1991.

Mr. Anderson's approach to Energy Management and Control Systems is based on a sound knowledge of mechanical systems, extensive knowledge of EMCS equipment and technology, skill in working with facility personnel, and the ability to view systems from a variety of points of view, including maintenance, operation and administration. He has provided training and presented seminars on EMCS to maintenance staff of a variety of facilities and to building operators for the Department of Energy's Building Operator Training Program.

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